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Interiors DixieDenisse

Dixie's workspace needed to be modern, girly and inspiring for her professional makeup videos. It was decided to create a space that would show who she is and what her work is like, a "whimpsy" space with pendant lights, light colors, crystals and gold decoration.

Puerto Rico

I carefully selected neutral pastel colors for the walls and furniture, providing a soft and elegant background that enhances the beauty of the makeup products. Gold details were strategically added to add a touch of luxury and sophistication, creating a perfect balance between playful and refined.

In addition, I integrated small lights in different areas of the space to generate cozy and warm ambient lighting. These subtle lights help create an immersive ambiance that inspires Dixie and everyone who visits her space.

The result is a truly unique workspace, where Dixie can express her creativity and passion for makeup. Each design element has been thought out to convey your personality and style, creating an inspiring environment for both your videos and your own daily inspiration. 

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