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OSL Project

Creating an apartment in a 20m2 space is not an easy task. Much less with little time, a low budget and humidity problems.

Budget: $50,000.00

Budget used: $49,600.00

What is the budget used for?

Maintenance, painting, furniture, construction and design.

It was decided to create a separation without disconnecting the spaces, allowing natural light to be maintained and it could still be seen through.  They decided on light tones given the fact that a dark ceramic wall could not be removed and the space needed to appear larger than it was.

Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico

One of the key decisions was to create separation in the space without disconnecting it completely, allowing natural light to flow in and maintaining a feeling of spaciousness. Since it wasn't possible to remove an existing dark ceramic wall, we opted for light tones in the decor to offset and make the space appear larger than it actually was.

Despite the initial challenges, we managed to turn this apartment into a functional and aesthetically pleasing place, optimizing every corner and maximizing its potential. Our strategic and creative approach made it possible to overcome limitations and offer a space that meets the client's needs and exceeds their expectations.

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