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My secrets to hanging art

Sometimes you have the perfect work of art, you hang it and...oh, it doesn't look how you wanted to.

It has something that you don't know what it is but you're don't like it, now what? do you take it down?

There are so many types of works of art from the abstract to classic to artistic photograph...Leaving that aside you need to know what colors are we going to use, the place where is going to be and even the framework.


One of the arts that I like the most and where you can find a great variety of images, it could be human figure, places or events. What's most important about this is that the photograph should reflect what is you want to achieve, the feelings of the place.

Remember to help yourself with the framework, colors and figures of this to create the message.


Abstract painting is perfect for when you don't like any other image, for this you just need to know what colors you would like. Is better to use this kind of art with monochromatic frameworks so that the painting is the one that gets the look. There are so many different styles just like in photography that can be used in different ways.


This are better to use when you want to bring light in, there are a great variety of styles and colors as you can see in the image.

Depending on what you might need you can create more light, make the space look bigger or take in more color and figures.


The newest trend and most beautiful trend, this one can also come in a variety of figures and colors and is mostly used in boho and eclectic spaces.

This is now only used for wall decoration but also as lamps and for holding pots.

Any of the types of art we saw here can be put in walls above furniture or alone, remember that when putting them to check if the down part is 10 to 15 cm above the furniture.

There are different types of hanging art it can be in a single line, rectangle shape, mosaic or above a shelf. When putting it in a geometric way just take care that the art, size and colors match but if you are putting then in a mosaic of over a shelf you'll have to chose a color palette for the painting or photographs and up to three types of frame work.

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