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A good old classic...but modern look?

It has happened to me quite a lot to go to homes where the owners want to modernize but those old furniture they bought when it was still fashionable to have them, those where expensive and most home owners don't want to give them away for that reason, what do we do when that happens?

My answer is this make it modern but classic. And when I first started I said the same, modern but classic? isn't it the same as white but black, dark but light, it really leaves you thinking.

Lets get to the point, how do we get this look.

This one is also called Parisian style, and if that doesn't inspire you I don't know what will. With this style we can use a lot of antique furniture that we have and most of them will only need paint. what color you say? wee black, white or natural light wood.

This one is also called Parisian style, and if that doesn't inspire you I don't know what will.

Let's think about the modern look that is used today, the neutral colors, organic lines and apparent materials. Now all we have to do is mix it together and be careful not to make it too kitsch.

In moderns spaces that have clean lines mix the antique pieces that you feel that have a history behind.

For this kind of styles neutral colors are really important since they will make everything look modern, lighter and comfortable, when you paint in neutral colors the things that will be the accent of your home are your furniture and accessories but if you like some colored wall place in there your antique piece too.

But if you really want to innovate and be creative, mix some of the antiques with really new and modern pieces.

Why not play with what we already have an look different than the rest? If this is you style definelty use it and now more than ever since everyone want to look the same and give away their antiques.

The only thing you need for this is:

  • Walls in neutral colors.

  • Floors in wood, white or black floors.

  • Antique furniture.

  • Personal style.

  • Paint if you want to fix or give a new life to your things.

  • Natural light.

I hope I inspired you with this blog post so that you'll take those old furniture and get a Parisian look when you mix it with new things, plus your space will look so comfortable and warm. Remember to decore with natural plants, personal items and elements that make your space feel better and lighter like candles.

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