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Pareja comprometida cogidos de la mano

Derive Weddings

Derive Weddings, a company that offers beach wedding packages, was looking to increase its sales.

A marketing funnel was designed to attract potential customers and convert them into sales. The funnel consists of the following stages:

Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico

My goal was to optimize their presence on social networks to increase their sales.

Comprehensive optimization: Replacing special fonts with readable and SEO-friendly options, and integrating relevant keywords into the profile name and description.

Research and analysis: Study of competitor strategies and identification of areas for improvement in Derive Weddings digital presence.

Content strategy: Development of  attractive content aligned with the pillars of Instagram, leaving behind the single sales approach to offer a more varied proposal.

Results: The strategies made managed to improve visibility, increase the number of followers and interactions, and generate more leads.

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