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Zulema Project

The bedroom for Zulema in Puerto Rico needed to be modernized in addition to a better distribution, so the space around the bed was reconsidered as well as taking advantage of the closet space.

It was designed with contrasting colors using white as the main color to make this combination functional and pleasing to the eye.

Likewise, natural plants were added for better oxygenation of the space, as well as mirrors to bounce the natural light.

Puerto Rico

To elevate the experience, we incorporated natural plants that not only added beauty but also improved air quality and oxygenation in the room. In addition, we strategically placed mirrors to make the most of natural light, creating an effect of spaciousness and luminosity that transformed the environment.

The result is a modern and cozy bedroom that reflects Zulema's style and personality. Every detail, from the layout to the decorative elements, was carefully selected to create a harmonious and functional space. Let us design an environment for you that suits your needs and leaves you feeling inspired every time you enter your personal sanctuary.

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