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Project Christy

A bedroom for a girl in a time of transition needed a room in which she felt comfortable and could continue with her studies and grow in it without the need to change it in the future.

His favorite base color was chosen for the ceiling and the white walls with which the light will give a warm shade of pastel pink.  

Beauty spaces plus work desk for school work plus pendant lights were placed in part of the room.

Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico

We designed a beauty area to make her feel like a true star, and we also incorporated a work desk for her schoolwork. To enhance the lighting and add a special touch, we placed hanging lights in different areas of the room.

The result is a youthful, functional and cozy room, where she can enjoy her own personalized space while focusing on your growth and development. We create an environment where she can shine and achieve all her goals!

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